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Client Testimonials » Happy Pretty Life

Client Testimonials

Amanda M.


A few years ago my husband and I were experiencing great upheaval in our life. He was miserable at his job and we were starting to drift apart. We had been to a counselor and tried several other ways to make things better. Working with Annie Willow truly turned our lives around. With a combination of her Reiki sessions along with the guidance and leadership she offered through Happy Thoughts University we were able to rediscover the positive direction needed to improve our lives for the better which saved our marriage and helped our family bond grow stronger.

Eddie S.


Annie Willow is a person who I have come to rely on over the years to help guide me on my path. She is a woman who has been on her own journey and has helped transform my life through sharing her own life lessons. Annie’s advice and guidance have proven to be invaluable to me in helping me achieve my goals and dreams.

Spring P.


Annie introduced me to her Happy Thoughts University a few years ago and it has helped me restore clarity and balance in my life. Her program helps me release my worries and anxieties that creep in and I have learned the art of practicing gratitude that allows me to choose happiness daily. Annie Willow has very unique healing techniques that will help you at any stage of your life.

Linda Y.


I met Annie right after my divorce of a 20 year marriage. I had no self-esteem or self-worth. I was a pitiful site, but Annie saw something else. Over time she has taught me so much and what I have learned is immeasurable. She showed me how to be grateful for what I DID have and how to be humble. She taught me that when one door closes it is because another will open. That is the Universe showing me the path I need to take. After time, I began believing in myself again. I began to like the person I saw in the mirror every day. Her life and guidance made me a better person and showed me my life purpose. Though my past dreams in life had gone out the window when I divorced, I began to have new dreams. How could I make life better for others? She inspired me to not only dream, but how to manifest a light filled life. Annie Willow is the person that changed my life for the better and a coach that showed me how to live life for the greater good of myself and others.

Sherri S.


Nothing but great things to say about Annie Willow! She is the Reiki Master that has helped me during various challenging times in my life. Working with her is always comfortable and I always feel tranquility and peace after a Reiki session with her.