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FAQ » Happy Pretty Life

Happy Pretty Life is here to help you achieve a healthy mind body spirit connection, let go of the past with love and gratitude while gently guiding you into creating the life of your dreams. We adhere to certain policies so that we can best serve you with a compassionate and open heart while providing you with a safe and loving space on your journey. While we are here to guide you on the path to achieving your goals, it is essential for you to have the personal responsibility and dedication to do the homework and exercises that will ensure the overall success in your personal growth and achievement of the life of your dreams. We guarantee complete confidentiality of our sessions, your path and strive to exceed your expectations when you honor your journey with complete dedication.

Hours Of Operation All services are by appointment only with appointment time available days, evenings and weekends to provide you with the ultimate in personalized attention and customer service at a time that is best suited for your busy schedule. We offer all services either in person at our Galveston studio or via the phone, email and skype. Appointment times are available Monday – Saturday during the morning, afternoon and evening. Sunday appointments are available by request. Upon special request we can travel to your location (minimum day rate and travel expenses to be included with all on location services).

Free Initial Consultation We invite you to sign up for free initial 15 minute consultation. This is to offer you the opportunity to briefly discuss your current situation and desired healing and/or coaching needs to determine if you would like to us to be your spiritual guide on your journey to a Happy Pretty Life. At the end of your free initial consultation, we will provide you a recommended treatment plan personalized for your specific needs and budget.

Reserving Your Appointment Call 409-765-5502 or email HappyPrettyLife@gmail.com to inquire about reserving your energetic healing and/or coaching session. Returning clients may also communicate appointment requests via Facebook private message or by text. All distance healing/coaching services are to be paid prior to receiving the service. Payment for services are to be paid via PayPal.

Appointment Times We will call you at your designated appointment time. It is essential that you are available to receive the call and be in an environment free of distractions. If you do not answer our call, we will try again in 10 minutes. If you still do not answer then your appointment is cancelled and no refund will be issued. We honor our commitment to be there for you and expect the same courtesy in return.

Cancellation Policy We require at least a 24 hour notice if you plan on cancelling your appointment. We understand that emergencies do occasionally arise and will take that into consideration with ongoing clients as long as they are able to reschedule and keep their appointment within 48 hours pending availability of our schedule.

Gratuities Gratuity is not included in the price of services nor are they ever expected. Some clients are inclined to offer gifts of gratitude in appreciation for outstanding service received and personal growth achieved. We will never ask for a gratuity but will always graciously accept gifts of gratitude when offered.

Gift Certificates Gift certificates are available in any dollar amount or for specified services, are non refundable and gift certificate number must be mentioned when booking your appointment. If you are not available at your appointment time without proper notification of inability to be present for your service, the gift certificate immediately becomes null and void. Gift certificates have no expiration date. Donation certificates are non-transferable and have an expiration date. Please notify us if you are using a gift certificate when booking your appointment. We require at least 48 hours advance notice should you need to cancel your appointment when using a gift certificate or your gift certificate will be forfeited.

Special Pricing/Packages Because each client has individual needs which often require a blend of services to help them achieve their spiritual goals, we offer our services both ala carte as listed on our website or we can create a personalized package of blended services priced at a reduced rate. Depending on the client’s goals and suggested treatment plan, special payment arrangements may be available upon request.

Refusal Of Service We retain the right to refuse service to anyone. Immediate termination of service will occur if our staff receives any inappropriate comments or advances and any payments received will not be refunded.


The Systems and Methods of Reiki Healing along with Meditation. Angel Therapies, Guided Visualization, Any and all Alternative Healing Modalities and Life Coach services offered by Happy Pretty Life cannot substitute Conventional Psychological and Medical Treatment and/or Diagnosis.

Happy Thoughts University, spirit guide and coaching are not counseling service and we do not provide clinical counseling or psychotherapy. While we can help you in many ways, it is critically important to understand that it is not meant to be a substitute for clinical counseling, treatment for suicidal ideation, depression, severe psychiatric problems nor a replacement for any prescribed medications by your doctor or psychotherapist.

Reiki and the other healing modalities offered by Happy Pretty Life are not intended to diagnose conditions, replace medicine conventional medical treatments of any kind nor guarantee the healing of any situation, condition or case.

The services offered by Happy Pretty Life can only support holistic relaxation and inner peace, which in their turn lead to deep inner harmony, clarity and strength. They are to compliment your current medical healing treatment plan and not a substitute for conventional medical and/or psychiatric treatments.

For any issue concerning your physical or mental health please visit your doctor.

Payment received for any service offered by Happy Pretty Life is with the complete understanding that the client has read and accepted the disclaimer regarding Happy Pretty Life and any/all services they may receive now and at any time in the future.