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Who is Annie Willow

Annie Willow has had an amazing journey in this lifetime that while not always filled with desirable moments has inspired her to allow her innate healing abilities, natural intuition and compassion for all living things to be the driving force in being a ray of light to guide others into a life of authenticity and joy.

Her dream since she was a young girl of five was to find a way to turn tears of fear in others into tears of joy and the commitment to her passion has inspired a lifetime of self discovery, education and the development of Happy Pretty Life.

Annie is a Reiki Master Teacher trained in the Usui School of Reiki. In addition to Reiki, she has mastered a variety of energetic healing modalities and holistic therapies. She has a full working knowledge of Universal laws, specializing in the Law of Attraction and how the “human factor” can put a glitch into manifesting. In addition, Annie has also studied philosophy and spirituality under many great masters.

Combining her own life experiences with her formal education and the wisdom learned from her mentors, Annie offers a unique variety of energetically and spiritual based services that are often blended to create a program personalized for each client to help them achieve a healthy mind-body-spirit connection, achieve professional and personal goals, release old traumas and create the life of their dreams with joy and ease.

Annie Willow is unlike any other Reiki Master or Spiritual Guide in the Universe. She has dedicated her life to making the world a better place for everyone. She is highly trained by top energy and spiritual leaders. Annie’s spirit is pure and brightly shines out to the world offering a beacon of hope to those feeling trapped in darkness and despair.

Her personal story is the ultimate testimony to her level of energetic integrity and commitment to your spiritual growth. Annie was blessed at birth with a wide array of Universal gifts of light which her parents didn’t understand. As her abilities continued to blossom her unenlightened parents became afraid and enveloped her childhood with darkness and pain while her light continued to shine within her soul.

Annie’s original intention of her training and creation of Happy Thoughts University was to first to heal her own life, release her spirit from the traumas of childhood, restore inner peace to her soul and create the amazingly magical and authentic life beyond her wildest dreams as she goes forward with joy and ease on her light filled journey

She is now in her 10th year of being the grateful owner of Happy Pretty You! Reiki Salon & Spa where she has helped countless clients transform their lives with joy and ease. Thrilled to take her passion for world peace to the next level Annie is now here to be the gentle spiritual guide to the Universe!

Our true purpose in life is to be happy and Annie is here to provide you with the tools, compassion and guidance you need so every breath you take is filled with the inner peace in living the authentic life of your dreams!

Annie offers her services via the internet, telephone, skype, in her Galveston studio and upon request is also willing to travel to the client.