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Batwings Be Gone! Essential Information » Happy Pretty Life

Batwings Be Gone! Essential Information

November 18, 2017

Batwings Be Gone! Essential Information

I created this exercise to help release ones fears so that you can clap your hands and believe in your dreams!  (clapping is optional but the Tinker Bell in me must be free to flutter!)  Ok – so you are a tough cookie and have no fears?  Cool – awesome for you…what about concerns, issues, worries, doubts or anxieties???


One thing we all have in common is that we are human and at some point the human factor of experiencing emotions will arise so why not give this simple exercise a try? (By the way – if you are not human… you may still find it very beneficial to say goodbye to the shadows in your world – come on give it a try!) If it works you get all the credit and if it doesn’t (oh but it will) then you have a funny story to share with your friends!


I imagine at the very least at this point your curiosity is peaked so are you ready to get started because it’s make it happen time!


It is very important to do this exercise on paper. DO NOT use your computer as you don’t want to put the negative energies into any electronic devices. If you run out of time before you can finish be sure you do write the closing “SERENITY NOW!”, “All is well in my world”, sign it and get rid of it. DO NOT SAVE YOUR BATWINGS BE GONE EXERCISES!


~~ Get out a piece of paper and at the top write out today’s date as you would on a check or business document.  Then write “batwings be gone!”  You are doing so well!  That was the hard part.  Finding a piece of paper and a pen that works – cool you are on a roll!

~~ Write: ” Please release any and all worries, fears, anxieties, concerns and doubts that I may have today or any and all that may wiggle back in. I am worthy of living my life filled with inner peace and am open to receiving it now.”

~~Write out everything that you can possibly think of that causes you any amount of concern, doubt, worry, fear or anxiety.  Even the ones that may seem silly to the rest of the Universe but are so important to you.  Say goodbye to those old tapes as you write down their words.  Get it ALL out and I mean down to missing keys before work.  Cool – you have done so well!  Read it over…edit as you go…add more things if they should enter your mind… whoo! You are almost done!

~~ You don’t have to go into details, just one word that references the batwing for you.

~~ Take a deep breath in as you prepare to finish…exhale and blow it out hard as you write “SERENITY NOW!” and “All is well in my world” at the bottom of the page (oh – if you need to use 2, 3 or more pages – well cool caboodle! You are on a rocket to inner peace!

~~ Now sign your normal signature.


Breathe in happy thoughts as you crumple the pages in your hand…breathe out with the serenity of inner peace… destroy your list – shred, burn, whatever works for you (I do not suggest burying it or feeding those batwings to your dog)!


Hopefully you will not have all these things on your batwing list and there maybe something else not found here – WRITE IT ALL DOWN.  You don’t have to go into details, just one word that references the batwing for you.


Do this in the morning before you start your day and also at night before retiring to bed.  If you find the batwings returning at ANY point during the day… do a quick short one just for the particular undesirable feeling and make sure you destroy it well.


Listen to your squeaky doors… learn from them…. let go of them…. and LIVE!!!!!


Wooohoo!!!! Serenity now – ahhhhhh



Copyright 2017 – Happy Pretty Life



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