Example: Batwings Be Gone
January 9, 2012
How to use Affirmations
November 18, 2017

Example: Gratitude

Example of written exercise to express gratitude for everything including the batwings you have let go of.  After each item you are grateful for there is an example of the positive in each item.  Please note that the items on this list are identical to those on the example for Batwings Be Gone.  Once you have let go of the past  you can discover the positive way it has affected your life and thus experience gratitude for all moments.

Gratitude for all!                      Today’s date


Thank you universe for all the amazing, wonderful and beautiful gifts i have received – i love you for them all!


job (it might not be the job you wish for but it is providing you money and opportunities”

ex spouse (do you have children, experiences, family, friends that are because of the ex?)

current spouse (see above and hopefully add love)

family (mother, father, brother, sister, etc)

homework assignment (anything worth dreaming about is worthy of your effort)

kids (they are the light for tomorrow that because of you are here today)

neighbor (wouldn’t have neighbors if you didn’t have a home)

car (it’s some form of transportation)

clothes (might not be the clothes you want but you are protected from the elements)

food (could just be rice and beans but it will provide your body with fuel)

your hair, skin, nails (hey – you are alive and human!)

bills (see above)

health (see above)

death  (wings of a guardian angel are the safety net for your rainbow)

friend (think compassion, communication, commitment – be the friend you want to have)

boss (see job)

coworkers (see job)

stranger that cut you off in traffic (universal roadbumps mean you are going too fast – not with your vehicle but with your life)

your physical appearance (set your spirit free and your inner beauty will follow)

interview (never a problem, merely an opportunity)

holidays (events recognized by society for world gratitude and celebration)

lost pet snake (you have forgotten what is really bothering you and one must learn to crawl the happy thoughts way before you can fly)

clutter (you have many material possessions – opportunity for yard sale and money)

taxes (means you are living in the land of the free)

bounced check (self examination time – how are spending and is it for your higher and best?)

legal concerns (you are living in a free world where justice is served – are you living your life according to the golden rule?

internet is down (get out your happy thoughts journal and write)

school (day you stop learning is the day you stop living)

traffic (see “stranger” above, look around, you might see what you have been looking for)

parking (you have transportation; walking a minute outside – look up to the light)

lost keys (see lost pet snake; keys to: house, car, job, locker, florida has plenty of keys)

trash strike (trash from what? food, boxes material things come in, things that should be donated? go green – compost and recycle; do you have compassion for the trash workers? volunteer to do their job for day and see how much you throw away)


I am grateful for every single moment in my life and I love life!

Thank you for the reality of my dreams


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Annie Willow

Happy Pretty Life

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Annie Willow
Annie Willow
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