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Distance Reiki » Happy Pretty Life

At Happy Pretty Life, as highly trained masters in a variety of energetic healing modalities consider ourselves to not be healers but rather energy management specialists. Reiki is first and foremost the core of life force energy we provide you during your services.

During your session we may be inspired by your soul or higher power to incorporate other healing tools into your Reiki treatment. They include but are not limited to Angel Therapies, Sound Therapy, Color Therapy and other healing techniques that we feel are in your higher and better interest to your mind, body and spirit.

Before your Distance Reiki Energy Session:

Together via phone call or email communication we will agree on a time when you and I will be able to connect energetically with Reiki. It is best to select a time when you will be able to rest undisturbed for an hour or longer after your session. Many people feel that right before bed is an ideal time for them but together we can determine when it is in your higher and better interest to receive your healing energy.

Dress in comfortable clothing that you might enjoy sleeping in or lounging about on a lazy morning. Find a location that is comforting and safe to you. Many feel their bed, couch or favorite lounge chair provides the nesting space to best receive Reiki energy.

15 minutes prior to your session I will text or message you to let you know that your session is about to begin. This will allow you the opportunity to use the restroom, get in a comfortable location and focus on your breathing.

What to expect during your Distance Reiki Energy Session:

When the Reiki session begins you may feel a sense of warmth encompass your body. For some people they experience more of a cooling feeling. You may feel a tingle or twitch in some areas of your body, hear sounds, see colors or simply feel as though you are in a peaceful cocoon (yes even while your eyes are closed and/or you are in a state of total relaxation). No two people will have the same sensations or experience since the healing Reiki energy being sent is what is in the higher and better interest of your own mind, body and spirit.

It is very likely that you will fall asleep during the first 15-20 minutes of your session. The Reiki energy continues to be healing whether you are asleep or awake, however most people report a more favorable experience when they allow themselves to drift off. You may wake up after the session or you may continue into the most amazing rest ever.

After your Distance Reiki Energy Session:

The next day I will follow up with you via email to see how you are feeling, inquire about what you experienced and felt during your session, are feeling now and share feedback on your session. Email support is included free of charge for 48 hours after your distance Reiki session.


Distance Reiki Options:

Please add the desired Distance Reiki service to your shopping cart and then answer the questions below. Once payment has been made we will receive an email with your answers and we will be in contact within 24 hours to arrange your appointment.