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Space Clearing / Blessing


The energies in our homes and businesses are filled with energetic mirrors, constantly reflecting energy back on us.  Our bodies are made of energy living in a universe filled with light and energy.

We are energy beings living in a universe of energy, or Light. There are subtle energies constantly changing all around us with every thought, action and emotion. Every moment we are surrounding ourselves with energies found within us to those we bring in from the world.

We are unconsciously imprinting the energies of our worries. doubts, anxieties, fears and concerns of life in our living and working environments. They collect in the corners and around electronics just like the dust bunnies do. They also can be left by a prior tenant or brought in with an item you purchased or received.

Home and work are where we spend most of our time. As these negative energies continue to collect the impact can be felt on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

We offer a distance space clearing for your home, business or any space of your choice. Using distance energetic modalities, we can remove the negative energies and recharge your space with positive healing energies.

Space clearing is also excellent when putting a house on the market creating a more welcoming open feeling to potential buyers. Many business owners will have their office space cleared of negative energies with the intention of allowing the space to be more productive and prosperous.

What to expect from your space clearing/blessing:

Each space clearing service will include a brief phone call to discuss your energetic clearing goals. We ask that you send a picture of your space to be cleared or if that is not possible we will need a physical address for us to tap into. You can be present or away from the location to be cleared of negative energies and blessed with positive energies We will follow up with email communication reporting on the energies we tapped into along with any additional significant things we intuitively feel should be addressed.

We are available to travel to your location for an in person clearing at an additional charge along with travel expenses.